shenjiaming 发布的文章

开发计划 Development Plan

We are developing a website called to provide free subdomains for game servers that only have IPs, making it easier for players to experience games such as Palworld, CS, Minecraft, and more.

进度 schedule

It is not yet completed, but it will be soon.

和其他免费子域名网站的区别 Differences from other free subdomain websites

Our subdomain is provided to players as a game server for easy memory and making playing games more convenient.
Due to the fact that gamers are usually different from VPS webmasters and do not have professional server knowledge, our game server subdomains only provide IP4 and IP6 resolution, which includes A and AAAA records; There are also cname alias records. Currently, only these three types of records are available.


Due to the nature of subdomains, the subdomains we provide do not allow any junk information, scams, pornography, gambling, or any illegal content that violates Chinese and local laws. In addition to pursuing legal responsibility, we will also disable/lock/delete subdomains, whether they are paid or free.

意见交流Exchange of opinions

If you have any opinions or bugs, you can leave comments on our blog website or join the author Jiaming's QQ group 436089735.